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The History of Ignis Spirae

Ignis Spirae is a progressive witchcraft tradition drawing inspiration from British Traditional Wicca, Hermeticism, and the Progressive Witchcraft movement.

Founded in 2019, Ignis Spirae grew out of the Charlotte-based Coven of the Crossroads. Coven of the Crossroads was established in the Wyvern Moon Tradition of Wicca in 2018, but rapidly began exploring and adapting both practical techniques and philosophical frameworks from elsewhere in the Wiccan, neo-pagan, and western esoteric spectrum of traditions. What started-off as adjustments to personalize the experience and improve results of our craft quickly became more core to the spark of our work. As such we have formalized this new, blended tradition as Ignis Spirae, which has set the direction for the future work of this specific coven (Coven of the Crossroads) and those future sprouts that may grow out of the seeds of our magick.

Lady Wynter Pyr is the 3* High Priestess of the Coven of the Crossroads (COTC), she was trained and initiated into 3* in the Wyvern Moon Tradition that was established by Lady Dragon in Long Island, New York in 1995.  Lady Wyntyr Pyr was mentored directly by Lady Raven of the Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon, who in turn was mentored by Lady Draekaa of the Coven of the Southfire Dragon.

Sensing a shift in direction of her practice and coven was approaching, in 2019 Lady Wynter formally withdrew from Wyvern Moon Tradition. Over the next several months Lady Wyntyr, along with spline high-priestesses, Lady Raven and Lady Draekaa, worked together to design a new expanded tradition, heavily focused on experimentation, inner spiritual work, and personal practice. From that collaboration arose two distinct but connected sister traditions: Ignis Spirae led by Lady Wynter, and the Wyld Path, led by Lady Raven.   Lady Wyntyr, Lady Raven, and Lady Draeka sit as the Elder Council of both traditions ensuring the integrity and continuity of the lineage.

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