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Council of Tradition Elders

Lady Wynter, HPS has been a practicing witch for over  20 years and was formally trained in the Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon in the Wyvern Moon Tradition beginning in 2014, under Lady Raven HPS. Lady Wynter is the founder of the Ignis Spirae Tradition, a progressive witchcraft tradition which draws inspiration from British Traditional Wicca, Hermeticism, and the Progressive Witchcraft movement. Lady Wynter is the owner of Liminal Spaces and Liminal Spaces Mystery School where she is a professional integrated energy healer, spiritual consultant, and teacher.

She currently leads the Coven of the Crossroads in the Ignis Spirae Tradition.

Lady Wynter lives in Charlotte, NC with her human family and her three beloved kitties. She spends her days with her family and pursuing her studies in witchcraft and the Qabala.

Lady Raven, HPS (White Thunder Bear), is the founder of The Wyld Path Tradition. She was formally trained in the Coven of the Southfire Dragon, a Wyvern Moon Tradition of Wicca under Lady Draekaa HPS. She founded her own coven, the Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon and is currently the head of the Coven of the Wyld Moon.  She is a practicing Witch for over 20 years and a Master Spiritual Herbalist for over 15.  She was formally trained in Witchcraft, but has expanded her practice to both Shamanism (As an Otter Dance Practitioner) and Haitian Voudou (As a member of the House of the 6 Priestesses). She enjoys teaching and guiding new members to discover the power within themselves!

Lady Raven lives in South Carolina with her husband and 7 furry children! She continues to pursue her studies in Both Shamanism and Voudou.


Lady Draekaa HPS, was the head of the Coven of the South Fire Dragon, within the Wyvern Moon Tradition. A practicing witch for over 25 years, Lady Draekaa has spent time exploring the Sacred Divine through a myriad of ideas, processes, concepts and dreams. Though formally trained as a Wiccan High Priestess, she prefers to identify as a Many-Hatted Witch while curating her role as a community Elder.

She currently lives in Vermont with her family (both furry and less furry) where she continues to pursue her studies, guided mostly by her intuition and whims. She enjoys mentoring new members and sharing her significant body of knowledge to help others advance in their practice and discover their many gifts!