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Ignis Spirae- The Flaming Spiral

We are not currently accepting new members. 

Ignis Spirae combines elements of the Western Esoteric Tradition, British Traditional Wicca, and the Progressive Witchcraft movement. Our practice emphasizes the inner journey, personal practice, and spiritual enlightenment.

We are an evolving, dynamic tradition and proudly call ourselves Witches. Our rituals and magick are experimental and experiential. We encourage spiritual exploration and creativity. We honor the well-worn path, honoring practices passed down by our craft elders, but acknowledge each of us must forge our own Way. Our practice is our tradition, and our tradition is constantly evolving.


Principles of Practice and Belief

Ignis Spirae, the flaming spiral, is the symbolic representation of our spiritual journey. Our journey starts at the center, finding our core and connection to Higher Self, then spiraling out striving for community, knowledge, power, and enlightenment.

We believe the Earth is alive and all life is sacred and interconnected. We seek the Divine as immanent in the Earth’s cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and rebirth. Our practice arises from a deep, spiritual commitment to the mysteries, alignment with nature, and personal gnosis.

Each of us embodies the Divine. Our ultimate spiritual authority is within, and we need no other person to interpret the sacred for us. We are sovereign in our own craft and in our own lives. We encourage intellectual curiosity and spiritual freedom.

We honor the Gods, but we do not require working with a specific pantheon.

Our rituals are created for each occasion, as the need arises and as the Gods inspire us, rather than learned as prescribed liturgy and repeated in a formulaic manner.

We celebrate the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, the Full and New Moon Esbats, and other sacred occasions to align ourselves with nature, work magic, recognize rites of passage, and build relationships with the Gods and our spirit allies.

The purpose of our Craft is personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

While we come together in celebration and community for our group rituals, personal practice is unique and required for each of our Members.

We honor the Earth and Nature as sacred, and we strive to be agents of healing within our communities.  Community service is encouraged.

There is no requirement of initiation, and when initiations are undertaken they are individualized and occur after extensive study and practice.  Those preparing for initiation work with a mentor from within the coven. 

We have no set liturgy or prescribed rites, but rather our coven training is focused on direct revelation, ritual structure, principals of magick, hermetic philosophy, shamanic techniques, and developing a personal practice.

We believe witches must walk in both worlds, the spiritual and the mundane, with integrity, personal authenticity, reverence, and respect. Personal responsibility is a requirement.


We have two levels of participation: General Membership and the Coven Membership.

General Membership

General Membership is available to individuals 21 years of age or older who have been invited into the tradition or are students of the Witch’s Tree of Life Mystery School’s year long classes. Students of these classes will still need to petition for membership into the tradition and enrollment in the class does not guarantee acceptance.   Members may attend any open event or ritual. Those interested in membership will need to complete an application and agree to the Bylaws and Code of Conduct.

Dedicants are considered General Members. Dedication is for those seeking coven training and practice in preparation for initiation. Any general member may petition for acceptance into coven training.  


Coven Membership

All active initiates are considered Coven Members. 

First Degree Initiates: Members who have completed a minimum of a year and a day as Dedicants and have met all the requirements for First Degree as defined by the Coven.

Second Degree Initiates: Initiates who have been active in the coven for a minimum of one year and a day beyond their First Degree initiation and have met all the requirements for Second Degree as defined by the Coven. Second Degree Initiates receive the title of Priestess, Priest, or Priestex.

Third Degree Initiates: Initiates who have been active in the coven for a minimum of one year and a day beyond their Second Degree elevation, who have undertaken extensive advanced study and ritual training, attainted advanced craft knowledge and experience, have met all the requirements for Third Degree as defined by the Coven, and have been recommended by the High Priestess, with the approval of the Elder Council. Third Degree Initiates receive the title High Priestess, High Priest, or High Priestex. Third Degree Initiates are eligible to establish their own coven in the Ignis Spirae tradition or remain in their training coven as an Elder.

Initiates in good standing may choose to step away from active coven practice and still remain General Members of the tradition.